List of Spray Services


Lawn Fertilizer              & Weed Control

The Deep Green standard. Keeps your lawn green and free from weeds. Our most popular spray.


Bug & Spider        Barrier Spray 

Protect the perimeter of your home from insects and spiders. 

Insect Control: lawn, trees & home 

Prevents and kills unwanted insects and critters before or after they arrive.

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Dormant Oil Tree Spray

Spray your trees every spring & fall to prevent pests & seasonal damage.



Sterilize bare ground to prevent unwanted weeds & plant growth.

anti Crab Grass Spray

Keeps pesky, bad grasses off your lawn.                                                          


Round-Up Applications

General weed control on land and property. 

Fungicide Spray

Protects lawn, plants and trees from invasive fungi & bacterial infections.